Tenda in ciniglia su misura

Chenille curtains

Light, silent and versatile, made of soft polypropylene fibers.

Tenda in corda su misura -15%

Rope curtains

Practical, colorful and elegant, braided in 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Tenda in PVC -15%

PVC curtains

100% recyclable PVC, pleasant to the touch, resistant and easily washable.

Beaded curtains

Bright colours, unique style: curtain with polystyrene beads strung onto a polyester thread.

Tende per porte

Custom made curtains,
made in Italy.

Imagine it and create it. Choose the material, colors, dimensions and accessories. A great Italian classic becomes the protagonist of your spaces, completely custom made.


Number 1 in Italy
in the production of customized curtains

Every custom made curtain expresses our experience and passion. We offer you quality, practicality and a product born to last.

Over 1000 combinations with chenille, rope and PVC

Not a simple curtain, but a real piece of decor. The chenille, PVC or rope curtain separates the spaces creating pleasant effects of light and transparency. Each different material is worked on with experience and passion.

Chenille curtains

Resistant, handcrafted, Italian: the curtain for doors are made to perfection

Our custom made production is entirely Italian: each phase, from the design to the processing to the packaging, takes place in our production plants.

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