About us

Love for tradition, quality, and style: a whole new way of conceiving the curtain for doors.

Lavorazione ciniglia

Each Tende & More curtain is born in a company and production reality with over thirty years of experience in the processing of fabrics and synthetic materials. Today our products are a point of reference for all over the world in the sectors of private and commercial decor, leisure and tourism.

Our first goal is to offer quality, functionality and durability.

100% Italian custom made production.

We deeply believe in the Made in Italy values: each phase of our work, from the design to realization, takes place in our production plants.

We manufacture all our curtains by hand, choosing only the best threads and materials. We create custom made products of the highest quality and with the experience of our staff.

Tenda in ciniglia su misura

Inspired by you, travels fast around the world.

Wherever you are, imagine and configure the most suitable curtain for you. We create your configuration and ship it very quickly throughout Italy and abroad. We rely on the best shipping services to ensure a fast and satisfactory service and we can count on a widespread distribution network.