Chenille curtains

Soft and pleasant to the touch, they are resistant and easy to install and wash.

Standard or double thickness chenille curtains ideal for both internal and external contexts (houses, shops, campers, gazebos, warehouses etc.), made of high quality polypropylene fibers entirely Made in Italy.

Discover the colors, sizes and various customization options and configure the perfect curtain for your rooms.


Standard Chenille

The standard chenille curtain is made of 100% recyclable propylene fibers: it is silent, pleasant to the touch, resistant and easily washable. Ideal for protecting entrances from the sun, insects and prying eyes.

starting at  34,80 m2 starting at  31,30 m2

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Chenille Double

Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. The double thickness of the fibers gives a greater resistance.  Silent, darkening and pleasant to the touch, the Double chenille curtain is perfect even for the most elegant environments.

starting at  63,60 m2 starting at  57,25 m2

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