Standard Chenille

art. 001

The standard chenille curtain is made of 100% recyclable propylene fibers: it is silent, pleasant to the touch, resistant and easily washable. Ideal for protecting entrances from the sun, insects and prying eyes.

starting at  34,80 m2 starting at  31,30 m2



Standard chenille curtain made entirely of 100% recyclable polypropylene fiber, available in rounded ends of Ø 40 mm. Light, soft and pleasant to the touch, the chenille curtain is a great Made in Italy classic decor. Ventilates and separates indoor and outdoor spaces with a touch of style, making the spaces more welcoming.

The chenille curtain is easily machine washable, and thanks to the PVC rails, complete with hooks for attachment, it is simple and quick to install. The ropes protect from the sunlight, and allow a good air exchange and keep flies, mosquitoes and prying eyes away.


The chenille curtain is fully configurable to completely adapt to your tastes and needs. You can choose from a palette of dozens of different colors to make your chenille curtain unique and give your rooms a personal touch. Discover the classic colors or let yourself be conquered by the colorful combinations of stripes and melange.

Finally, choose the sizes, the profiles that best suit the style of your curtain and the most useful accessories.

Ideal for

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, the chenille curtain finds application in any context where it is necessary to separate the areas with a functional, effective decor and is pleasing to the eye. It protects houses, shops and warehouses from the sun and insects, protects privacy and creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

It is also used in trade fairs, in theater and is in great demand in the Garden sector and in campsites, where it offers excellent protection from the sun, flies and mosquitoes at the entrances of campers, caravans and gazebos.

Available colors

Product available in various colors and color combinations. The curtain is fully customizable to become the perfect piece of decor for any environment: configure it according to your taste and complete it with the profiles of valid colors, the hooks and other accessories such as the installation kit or the zip up bag for transport.

Solid color

01 Beige
02 OroGold
03 Castano
04 Marrone
05 Verde Acido
06 Arancione
07 Rosso
09 Giallo
10 Bianco
11 Azzurro
12 Grigio Scuro
18 Notte Blu
19 Panna
39 Bordeaux
40 Nero.
42 Verde Scuro
51 Grigio Chiaro
81 Tortora


60 Castano Beige
61 Beige Castano
63 Grigio Bianco
64 Grigio Blu
80 Grigio Nero


20 Beige Oro
21 Marrone Beige
22 Beige Oro Castano
23 Grigio Bianco
24 Azzurro Verde Bianco
27 Multicolor
28 Bianco Marrone
29 Bianco Beige
34 Beige Castano Marrone
35 Grigio Argento Bianco
45 Bianco Blu
46 Grigio Bianco Castano
48 Grigio Blu Bianco
49 Grigio Azzurro Bianco
50 Grigio Verde Bianco
53 Grigio Nero Bianco
56 Grigio Verde Bianco