-10% Tenda in corda melange

Melange rope

art. 401

Made of 100% recyclable polyester threads. The processed multicolored braided threads of the cords create a unique effect and gives a lively and refined touch to the rooms. The melange rope curtain is light, soft and easy to wash.

starting at  81,60 m2 starting at  73,44 m2



Rope curtain in 100% recyclable high quality polyester threads, manufactured by braiding with melange processing for a multi-color effect. Thanks to the properties of the polyester, the rope curtain is light, pleasant and soft to the touch and silent.

The braids of the anti-fly curtain in melange rope are washable and resistant for a long time both to the sun and to bad weather: the brightly colored threads will not fade, always maintaining a vivid tint.

The rope curtain can be installed quickly and easily in dozens of different contexts, both indoors and outdoors: it divides the rooms with elegance and gives a touch of lively and pleasant color.

It keeps out insects like flies and mosquitoes, shields from the sun’s rays, and protects the privacy of the rooms from prying eyes. It promotes a good exchange of air and helps to prevent dust from entering.


You can customize your rope curtain by choosing between different melange colors to decorate your rooms with a unique touch of style. Discover the different combinations of multicolored braids to separate your rooms with a colorful and personal touch. Choose from the sizes, profiles and accessories to complete the configuration and make your rope curtain unique.

Ideal for

The rope curtain, thanks to its lightness and resistance, adapts to any type of application either indoors or outdoors. Perfect for separating environments by creating a colored barrier for flies, mosquitoes and other insects, the rope curtain protects from the sun, allows excellent air ventilation and keeps prying eyes away.

Ideal for the home, office, shops, camper, warehouses and for any space where a light and effective barrier is needed.

Available colors

Product available in various colors and color combinations. The curtain is fully customizable to become the perfect piece of decor for any environment: configure it according to your taste and complete it with the profiles of valid colors, the hooks and other accessories such as the installation kit or the zip up bag for transport.


21 Grigio Bianco Nero
22 Beige Castano Marrone
23 Rosso Arancio Beige
4015/81 Multicolor