Tenda in PVC Sara


art. 376

Made of 100% recyclable PVC, the Sara PVC curtain is durable and easy to wash. Silent and pleasant to the touch, it separates both external and internal environments thanks to the spiral-processed ropes. Discover the shades and combinations of colors and transparencies.

starting at  35,10 m2



Curtain in 100% recyclable PVC, processed with spiral ropes to separate and protect the rooms from the sun, from insects such as flies and mosquitoes and from prying eyes with a practical touch and a great aesthetic effect.

The Sara PVC Curtain is simple to install and quick to wash: a damp sponge is enough to effectively remove dust. The material used makes it pleasant to the touch and silent.

The curtain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use: it resists both to UV rays and other atmospheric agents (the cold, rain, etc.). The spiral processing of the transparent, two-tone or plain PVC creates relaxing light and shadow effects.


The Sara PVC curtain is available in different versions with fascinating colors: discover the solid color options or let yourself be fascinated by the various combinations of transparencies and colors.

Choose among the sizes, profiles and accessories to complete the configuration and make your PVC curtain unique.

Ideal for

Separate your rooms thanks to a versatile piece of decor suitable in all contexts. It protects against insects, dust and sunlight, and promotes the ventilation of the area and also protects your privacy.

Perfect for the home, the camper, the caravan, the warehouses, the shops and wherever there is a need for a light and resistant barrier.

Available colors

Product available in various colors and color combinations. The curtain is fully customizable to become the perfect piece of decor for any environment: configure it according to your taste and complete it with the profiles of valid colors, the hooks and other accessories such as the installation kit or the zip up bag for transport.

Color variations