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Anti-fly curtains or decor curtains?

Tende su misura per interni

A great classic of an Italian house in a new dress. A real piece of decor to express your style. What is all this about? Of the so-called anti-fly curtain, an essential element to protect our environments from insects, in all seasons.

In Italy, in fact, this type of curtain has always been a constant because the climate, either dry or humid, still brings with it a large amount of flies and insects, which are annoying and unhygienic.

Why choose an anti-fly curtain?

Whether they are chenille curtains, PVC curtains or rope curtains, the goal of keeping flies away is achieved: their swinging and their colors, in fact, confuse the typical  360° view of these insects, making it very difficult for them to pass through the curtains.

Furthermore, anti-fly curtains have an infinite scope of application: private homes, bars, companies, laboratories, warehouses, any type of environment can be completed and protected with elegance and functionality.

How to choose an anti-fly curtain?

Enough with the classic mosquito nets! The time has come to furnish your rooms with style.

Personalize your space by choosing the material you prefer: chenille curtains give a touch of a classic style, rope curtains wink at a more elegant and modern mood, PVC curtains create very unique light effects.

No matter what you choose, a more intimate and an atmosphere of total privacy will be ensured, along with complete protection from insects.

Style or practicality?

One does not exclude the other! With us, in fact, you have the quality of a Made in Italy craftsmanship and also the guarantee of our professionalism. Our experience makes us offer products only with functional characteristics, in which the aesthetic part plays a fundamental role: style and practicality for a unique decor.

On our website you can configure your custom anti-fly curtain: choose the material (PVC, rope or chenille), the colors and the texture, enter the dimensions of the door you want to cover and you’re done!