Active Discounts: Chenille and Rope Curtains

Design and privacy thanks to our customized curtains for doors!

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Functionality and aesthetics combined in a modern and personalized furnishing accessory: custom-made curtains for doors are becoming a real must-have for private homes and businesses.

Their function, in fact, is both aesthetic and practical: by playing with colors, patterns and fabrics it is possible to give privacy to the interior spaces and protect from the sun’s rays and insects. Furthermore, this type of curtain can be used both as a separation from the disturbing external elements and as a connection between our internal spaces.

Why choose curtains for custom made doors?

It’s simple: combine business with pleasure! You can play with colors to create the styles you prefer (traditional, modern, psychedelic… off to creativity!) and make your spaces unique. You can also choose the material and pattern according to your needs, together with the color of the profile.

And above all, there is no need to cut and sew on already purchased fabrics: enter the dimensions of the door you would like to cover and you will have the product already packaged and ready for installation and use.

Custom made chenille curtains

One of the characteristics of chenille, a fabric widely used for interior decoration, is its tendency to adhere: for this reason, the threads will remain closer to each other and will offer you greater protection from all factors of disturbance from the outside. Chenille is also versatile, light and resistant over time. Our chenille curtains for doors are in a soft polypropylene fiber; both standard and double chenille are available (double thickness fibers for double protection).

PVC curtains

The PVC, besides being 100% recyclable, makes your curtain light, with a refined design and easy to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, it is easy to clean because it can be treated with a degreaser, without the need for detergents or a washing machine. You can choose the texture you prefer and what best suits the environment you want to customize and make it unique: the Goccia style, for example, gives a dynamic and modern aesthetic, while the Torsad style creates light effects that resemble crystal.

Rope curtains

Practical, colorful and elegant, the rope curtains are very modern and capable of giving a delicate aesthetic. Recyclable weaved polypropylene is used to build different types of textures with vivid colors; in addition, you can choose between the standard rope and the melange rope to create effects of visual impact .

On our site you will find, in addition to information on the characteristics of the products, a configurator: look at all the available options and combine materials, colors and textures to immediately create a preview of your new curtain!

By purchasing our products you have the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy quality and the professionalism of the number 1 in the production in Italy for custom made door curtains and anti-fly curtains.