Active Discounts: Chenille and Rope Curtains

Interior curtains for shops: versatile and practical

tende interne per negozi

Customers who enter and leave, the constant coming and going between shop and backroom, the movement of goods… whoever runs a shop must be able to separate the spaces with an effective barrier that is at the same time quick and easy to pass through.

The customized curtains for doors in chenille, in rope or in PVC are the perfect answer to this need: they are light, resistant, easy to clean, pleasant to the touch and above all effective. They protect environments from sunlight and dust, keep insects like flies and mosquitoes away, protect privacy and promote good air ventilation.

Customized curtains for shops: ideal for …

The curtains for interior doors, fully customizable in materials, colors and dimensions, perfectly adapt to the needs of any commercial activity. There are really many contexts where they can be applied!

Here are some of the places where chenille, rope and PVC curtains are most requested by our customers:

  • curtains for clothing stores
  • curtains for butchers
  • curtains for bakeries
  • curtains for florists
  • curtains for plant nurseries
  • curtains for bars
  • curtains for grocery stores
  • curtains for pharmacies
  • curtains for hardware stores

Do you have a business? Discover our products and the advantages that installing a custom-made quality door curtain can bring.

Fully customizable door curtains

Advantages and practicality, without forgetting the aesthetics: you can fully customize the curtain at your convenience with the colors of your business, choosing from three different materials and more than a thousand combinations of colors and patterns. The curtains for internal doors protect and separate the spaces giving a unique touch of style to the rooms.

Try our configurator: choose the material, the colors and enter the dimensions: you will receive your customized curtain ready for installation.


Each of our products is 100% made in Italy and born from the passion of the number 1 in Italy in the production of curtains for custom doors.