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How to wash a chenille curtain

lavare la tenda in ciniglia

All fabrics, especially those used for the upholstery and furnishings of our homes, must be treated carefully to be able to maintain the characteristics and quality of the product unchanged over time. An incorrect maintenance, in fact, can compromise not only the functionality but also the aesthetics of the chosen fabric. Our chenille curtains can ensure maximum convenience in washing, also thanks to their Made in Italy quality guarantee. To preserve their characteristics, color and texture, it is good to follow some precautions in the washing and drying phase:

In the washing machine

Our chenille curtains can be put in the washing machine without any drawbacks, after removing them from their tracks. For maximum results, use a neutral detergent for delicate fabrics; washing must be carried out at 30° and without resorting to long spin cycles. A tip: to avoid spending a few hours untangling the ropes after washing, insert the curtain in a bag or in a pillow cover. In this way, there will be no danger of tangling and your curtain can be immediately put to dry.


You can also wash our chenille curtains by hand. However, if soaked with lukewarm water and detergent for delicates, they risk being damaged. It is therefore more suitable to wash them with a cloth dipped in water and detergent and then wrung out. Note: the detergent must be diluted, because the fabric can be damaged with direct contact. Finally, we advise you not to rub the curtain a lot, to prevent it from coming loose, and to squeeze it gently.


Attention to the last step of the washing process. Do you want to go back to using your chenille curtain as if it had never been removed? First of all, do not expose it directly to the sun: contact with the rays, over time, risks discoloration. In addition, it is advisable not to hang it, because with the weight of the water it could stretch or become deformed: much better to let it drain on a horizontal surface.