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Tende antimosche per camper

Chenille curtains for campers: three reasons why you should have them!

Chenille outdoor curtains are a real piece of furniture that combines discretion and aesthetics: in fact, privacy and protection from insects and external disturbances go hand in hand with attention to design and style. Unlike other types of curtains, chenille curtains can be placed in different contexts of homes or businesses: for example, more and […]

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tende interne per negozi

Interior curtains for shops: versatile and practical

Customers who enter and leave, the constant coming and going between shop and backroom, the movement of goods… whoever runs a shop must be able to separate the spaces with an effective barrier that is at the same time quick and easy to pass through. The customized curtains for doors in chenille, in rope or […]

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lavare la tenda in ciniglia

How to wash a chenille curtain

All fabrics, especially those used for the upholstery and furnishings of our homes, must be treated carefully to be able to maintain the characteristics and quality of the product unchanged over time. An incorrect maintenance, in fact, can compromise not only the functionality but also the aesthetics of the chosen fabric. Our chenille curtains can […]

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